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Home Industrial pumps 6 ECPn Industrial submersible centrifugal pump 6 Inch ECPn 16/125

Industrial submersible centrifugal pump 6 Inch ECPn 16/125

Made in Ukraine
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Description Industrial submersible centrifugal pump 6 Inch ECPn 16/125


  • Flow rate – 16.0 m3/h, maximum flow rate – 21.0 m3/h; 
  • Head up to 195 meters; 
  • Outside diameter​ 145 mm.


The series of industrial three-phase electric pumps "Vodoley" 6" ECPn (ECV) is designed for the industrial and agricultural sector, providing water supply to water towers and other tanks, solving irrigation problems and lowering the groundwater level.Electric pumps are not intended for use in explosive and fire hazardous areas.


  • temperature of the pumped water is not more than 350C;
  • water should not contain sand and other visible mechanical impurities;
  • pumping of aggressive liquids is prohibited;
  • water salinity of slightly more than 1500 g/m3 is allowed;
  • the electric pump operates only when completely immersed in water, with the distance from the bottom of the well to the pump being at least 0.4 m, and the water level above the pump being at least 1 m;
  • the well flow rate should exceed the pump capacity;
  • the pump should be kept under water for at least 5-10 minutes before the first start-up;
  • The flow rate of the pumped liquid should be at least 0.16 m/s for optimal cooling of the electric pump motor;
  • Electric pumps are manufactured for a rated voltage of 400 V AC with a frequency of 50 Hz. Permissible voltage deviation is +10%, minus 5%, current frequency ± 2%;
  • The maximum number of starts per hour is 15.


Electric pumps 6" ECPn (ECV) "Vodoley" are multi-stage high-pressure pumping units. All pumps are equipped with a three-phase asynchronous electric motor designed for an operating voltage of 400 V, mains frequency 50 Hz. Water is sucked through a filter located in the middle part of the pump. The electric motor is actively cooled by the flow of water pumped between the well casing and the pump.

The electric pump parts are made of stainless steel and brass, which ensures durability and reliability of performance, as well as environmental cleanliness of the supplied water.

Warranty period for all products: 24 months from the date of sale.

IMPORTANT! Three-phase electric pumps must be connected through appropriate control and protection units.

Delivery and payment

To order an electric pump/electric motor on our website, you need to complete several steps:

  • select the model of electric pump/electric motor you are interested in in the catalogue;
  • by clicking on the active window, order an electric pump/electric motor, fill out the order window;
  • within 24 hours, taking into account the store’s work schedule, a manager will call you back on the mobile phone you specified to clarify the details of the order;
  • after which the amount corresponding to the ordered products must be deposited into the current account IBAN UA063515330000026002052214656 MFO 351533 Bank KhGRU PJSC CB Privatbank (commission at the expense of the payer). In the payment purpose field, you must indicate: name of the goods for payment, surname, first name of the Payer (for example: Ivanov I. payment for electric pump BСPE 0.5-63 / electric motor AI1E71A2L);
  • after payment and crediting of funds to the bank account of Promelektro-Kharkov LLC, the goods will be sent by the Novaya Poshta transportation service to the city and department specified by the Buyer.

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